Origins Behind Dream Crafters

Over the years, the Dream Crafters team has worked hard to build a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and efficient project management. We are proud of the acclaim we have earned, but that’s not what motivates us. What really lights our fire and gets us out of bed in the mornings is transforming your dream into the unique reality that is yours alone.

No detail is overlooked, no quality is compromised and no corners are cut to make your dream home come true. Our clients must be satisfied that we measure up to their expectations (and our promises) in every aspect. There’s a satisfaction there that compares to nothing else.

dream crafters

The Founder

Bob Stagner, Owner of Dream Crafters, general contractor and native of Reno, grew up in a family where the finer points of construction and how it’s done right was the primary topic at the dinner table. As a teenager, Bob spent his summer months working beside his father. After high school he worked full time, and through the school of experience, developed the skill and know-how required to effectively manage construction projects.

Over the years, he has supervised and managed every stage of home construction and was for years in charge of building vast housing projects, where a talent for timely coordination is an absolute necessity for bringing it all together on time and within budget.

Through Dream Crafters, Bob carries on the family tradition of custom construction.
Bob’s biggest concern in business has always been customer satisfaction and his team of home builders takes great pride in bringing excellence and quality to every project they take on.

NV license number- #54864

limit is 2.1 million

CA license number- #987416